We Create
Immersive Experiences

For global agencies and brands, we harness the power of new tech to create world-class experiential projects in the real world, the digital realm and beyond. From AR, VR and MR to AI, Data Visualisation, Robotics and more – our tech-agnostic approach sparks boundless creativity, delivering beautiful experiences that captivate audiences. Want to explore the possibilities? Drop us a message!

Crafting Personalised ‘Rep Yours’ Album Artwork

A Groundbreaking Data Visualisation Study

All Virtual Launch Event

A Social Metaverse for the Wimbledon Grand Slam

Curating Immersive AI Event Visuals

An Illuminating Kinetic Centrepiece

Connecting with Aspirational Young Students

Futuristic Interactivity at MOL Campus

A First Step into VR for the Rail Industry

Using Exercise to Improve Global Mental Health

A Learning Metaverse for Kids

Personalised AR Experience

A Projected AI Skull Event Entrance

An AR Home Alone Game of Hide-and-Seek

A Biodata Driven VR Experience

Mind-controlled Scalextric

Making Clean Energy Visible with Smart Technology

An Educational Social VR Environment

An Interactive Virtual Venue

A Neuro-tech Experience

Virtual Real-Time Communication Demo for AWE

A Personalised WebGL Experience

A Mixed Reality Tool for Cyber Security

A VR Innovation Lab

A LIVE Interactive Web Experience

Volumetric Lighting Display

Interactive Storytelling with RFID

Mixed Reality Experience

A Strategic VR Tool for Tourism Northern Ireland

Gestural Controlled Displays

Machine Learning Face Swapping AI

Exploratory RFID Installation

Creating a Digital Sanctuary

The Future of Sustainability

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“Every experience we work on is unique. From the technology we fuse together, to the global crew we create to deliver our projects.”

– Lee Spooner

Co-founder & Technical Art Director