TYPE & TECH Live Event Activation, Digital AI Campaign

CLIENT Hennessy


Commemorating Hip Hop's Past, Present, and Future

In celebration of Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary, Hennessy teamed up with Laundry Service and Solarflare Studio to present an exclusive digital experience for the release of their Limited-Edition Hennessy V.S bottle, designed in partnership with Grammy-Award-winning rap legend Nas. This unique venture debuted at a physical event on July 20 in New York as well as through a US-based digital campaign.

Tapping into feelings of nostalgia is a powerful way for timeless brands like Hennessy to engage their audiences and convey their longevity and relevance throughout the ages. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we were able to deliver an ode to Hip Hop that is memorable, shareable and a unique keepsake from Hennessy.” 

– Jay Short

Client Services Director, Solarflare Studio


Crafting Personalised 'Rep Yours' Portraits

Born in the summer of 1973, the Hip Hop 50 campaign toasts to the occasion. In collaboration with Laundry Service, our mission was to craft a remarkable tribute for the anniversary, seamlessly uniting both a live event and an expansive digital campaign. Fuelled by technology, the experience aimed to offer guests and fans an exclusive chance to ‘Rep Yours’, crafting personalised portraits inspired by their favourite era and location from the last 50 years of Hip Hop.

“Hip Hop has always been about combining different elements to create something new and expressive, that people can connect with and add on to. This idea pays homage to that spirit by combining art forms with technology – allowing people to place themselves in the art, and then share on social media as a form of self-expression. Hennessy can bring this kind of experience to the table because they’ve become synonymous with Hip Hop, as active participants in the culture.” 

– Larry Gordon

Group Creative Director, Laundry Service


A Social-first Digital Experience

Taking over New York’s iconic Hall des Lumières, the star-studded launch event combined stunning visuals, bespoke cocktails and a performance by legendary Hip Hop artist Nas. The venue was bathed in projection-mapped content to not only introduce the new Hennessy x Nas bottle but pay homage to the legendary artists that have shaped the genre. Within an exclusive area, Hennessy Creator Studio allowed fans to feature in their very own Hip Hop album cover from a region of their choice.

Guests were able to pick an iconic era, grab props and have their moment captured by a photographer against a customised LED wall. Once their artwork was selected, they received a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake CD. From a tailor-made album cover to HH50 stickers, a CD coaster insert, and recipes for Hennessy HH50 Cocktails, the branded souvenir is part of the brand’s innovative, socially-driven Rep Yours campaign, calling on fans to show what Hip Hop means to them through immersive digital art.

Join the Celebration

The grand event set the stage for a US-based digital campaign, Hennessy AI.Bum Covers. In September 2023, underpinned with ethical AI, a version of Hennessy Creator Studio became available, allowing the general public to snap a selfie and create their own shareable hip-hop album artwork.

The album artwork’s background utilises BRIA AI software. Once users have chosen their desired era and region, these prompts guide the model to generate a range of backdrops. Fans can select their favourite and seamlessly integrate their selfie into the scene. Their personalised Hip Hop artwork is then ready to be saved and shared, encouraging all to socially ‘Rep Yours’.


Honouring Hennessy's Commitment to
Music, Art, and Community

For these personalised activations, Solarflare seamlessly integrated cutting-edge AI technologies into their workflow to deliver memorable and personal souvenirs that both commemorate the occasion and create a digital sensation that honours Hennessy’s long-standing commitment to music, the arts, culture and community.

“The exploration of any cutting-edge technology always requires sensitivity to intellectual property considerations as well as creativity. The partnership with Hennessy and Laundry Service was fascinating, bringing together a powerhouse luxury brand and a production agency with a global reputation. Combining these elements with Solarflare’s ability to create a pioneering solution has resulted in an execution that we are incredibly proud of.” 

– Jay Short

Client Services Director, Solarflare Studio