TYPE & TECH Live Event, Volumetric LED Display

CLIENT Siemens


A Unique Volumetric LED Display for COP28

We revolutionised the Siemens experience at COP28 by engineering a bespoke volumetric LED Display that communicated its commitment to tackling the climate crisis. In partnership with One Small Pixel, the memorable audio-visual experience captivated attendees on the global stage at Expo City, Dubai, 2023.

“This was a really great and challenging project to work on. We needed to develop volumetric visuals for a display that hadn’t even been designed, let alone built. We created a complete content authoring and show pre-visualisation system in TouchDesigner. Working in real-time, mixing code and animation meant the visuals could react to the audio, and we could fine-tune the content for super responsive iterations. The finished installation at COP28 perfectly matched our pre-vis and lit up the entire space to a fantastic audience reaction.”

– Stuart Cupit

Co-Founder & CTO,  Solarflare Studio


Capturing Attention in the Global Spotlight

As the largest platform for Siemens to share how they are tackling climate change, COP28 required a unique approach. Our challenge was clear: to concisely communicate their initiatives and create a memorable experience that captivated attendees.


Immersive Communication

Our solution involved crafting a unique volumetric LED display, transforming Siemens’ message into a 3D, immersive, audio-visual spectacle. An audio narration highlighted the work Siemens is doing to tackle climate change. As each stage of the story was narrated, 3D animations formed within the display, covering topics as wide ranging as mining and furnaces, through to green energy and supply chain tracking. For example, when showcasing Siemens’ ambitions for carbon offsetting, a huge 3D tree grew and bloomed in front of the audience. With thousands of LEDs in vertical rods, forming individually addressable pixels, we depicted Siemens’ initiatives in a captivating visual narrative that maximised the depth of the space.

Using TouchDesigner we developed a custom volumetric authoring system. This unique workflow, blending coding and animation skills, facilitated the content creation and real-time previewing. The system allowed for quick adjustments, ensuring seamless synchronisation with voiceovers and audio.


An Animated 3D Spectacle

Featuring 13,440 LEDs, our volumetric display was a cornerstone of the COP28 event. Guests were left with a lasting impression, having immersed themselves in Siemens’ climate change endeavours, and gained a deeper understanding of their dedication to sustainable solutions.