A Tech Production Studio Elevating global brands with digital innovation and experiential marketing.

A Tech Production Studio

Elevating global brands with digital innovation and experiential marketing.


digital innovation

Our team of immersive industry specialists harness the power of new technologies to create award-winning experiences that captivate audiences. Masters in AR, VR and MR to AI, Data Visualisation, Robotics and more, we’re un-tethered to a single technology. This agnostic approach allows us to hack, build and redefine the limits, ultimately offering our clients and partners groundbreaking solutions. From global activations to creative solutions, our experiential projects make waves across diverse industry sectors.


We provide an agile, collaborative process that seamlessly fuses our creativity and technological know-how. The first steps of our approach can be broken down into three stages:


To get started, we’ll learn about your challenges and ambitions to explore the potential different technologies that can bring your vision to life through immersive storytelling.


Deep-diving into the project, we discover and educate you on the full potential of your chosen technology. In line with your KPIs and budget, we ideate potential creative solutions that exploit its capabilities.


With the creative route chosen, we’ll develop a user journey that ensures the experience connects with your audience. As we build, test and go live, we’re here to support you throughout the creation of your digital reality.




Our futuristic hit squad of immersive specialists have a shared mission: to hack the human experience through digital innovation.

SFS_Team_AI_Stu SFS_Team_Photo_Stuart

STUART CUPIT Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

SFS_Team_AI_John SFS_Team_Photo_John

JOHN MARTINELLI Co-Founder | Head Of Production

SFS_Team_AI_Lee SFS_Team_Photo_Lee

LEE SPOONER Co-Founder | Technical Art Director

SFS_Team_AI_Jay SFS_Team_Photo_Jay

JAY SHORT Co-Founder | Client Services Director

SFS_Team_AI_Lauren SFS_Team_Photo_Lauren

LAUREN SMITH Project Manager

SFS_Team_AI_TomC SFS_Team_Photo_TomC

TOM COLLINS Integrated Designer

SFS_Team_AI_Elena SFS_Team_Photo_Elena

ELENA RAMIREZ Junior Designer

SFS_Team_AI_Dan SFS_Team_Photo_Dan

DANIEL BUTTERS Creative Technologist

SFS_Team_AI_Peter SFS_Team_Photo_Peter

PETER REMMERSWAAL Senior Creative Technologist

SFS_Team_AI_Emily SFS_Team_Photo_Emily

EMILY TURNER Digital Marketing Manager