TYPE & TECH Science Prototype, Augmented Reality



An immersive AR experience for GSK

Partnering with Radley Yeldar, we created an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experience for GSK, making complex science accessible. Using 8th Wall technology, our WebAR prototype enables users to explore and interact with HIV imagery and showcase GSK’s innovative efforts to improve prevention.

“It’s an important step for GSK to live up to our purpose of putting technology front and centre, not only as a technology leader within the pharma space but also to offer new ways into our content.”

– Rowan Green, Director, Brand Identity



Bringing GSK’s science imagery to life

On a mission to explore new inspiring ways for audiences to engage with their content, GSK and Radley Yeldar wanted to transform their hyper-real molecular science imagery into a scalable immersive experience. With our technical expertise, the challenge was to develop an AR prototype as a means of helping consumers grasp the intricacies of various viruses and GSK’s prevention research.


a novel way to studying viruses

Leveraging 8th Wall technology, we crafted a WebAR experience, available on any browser and accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. Launched through a QR code, once scanned, the experience prompts the user to explore several science hotspots, allowing them to interact and unravel the narrative. 

As an annotated 3D HIV virus appears, there are opportunities to learn more about the virus and also what GSK and ViiV Healthcare, GSK’s specialist HIV company, are doing to minimise the impact of HIV on people’s lives.

“Diseases are very complex to understand, and I think augmented reality gives us a great opportunity to help explain the science behind treating disease.”

–  Ben Cientanni, Content Planning & Campaigns Manager

ViiV Healthcare


Offering new ways into GSK’s content

As a pivotal testbed, the initiative showcased how AR could effectively communicate with their current and future audiences. Internally to GSK’s audience, the prototype successfully demonstrated how AR can provide richer storytelling and open up different use case opportunities. From social media to digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising and beyond, there are plans to expand its application across more medical conditions and its array of product solutions.