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When we don’t move, our mind races.

In order to make the link between movement and and the mind more quantifiable Solarflare Studio embarked on a unique research project with client ASICS, collaborating with agencies Golin and Unit 9 to investigate what happens to our mental state when people pause their regular exercise routines for just one week.

Not only that they discovered how many minutes it took to help them feel uplifted.

“We were beyond thrilled to continue our collaboration with ASICS on the Mind Uplifter campaign. It’s hugely important to be able to show the link between exercise and better mental health, through a visualisation that everyone can benefit from.

By capturing multiple data sets, we were able to generate an atmospheric data visualisation that integrated both EEG readings with emotional and cognitive behaviour recordings from the Mind Uplifter Tool. These real-time particle and cloud simulations created such a striking data output, with the visuals and participants’ reactions really speaking for themselves, showing us the significant impact inactivity has.” 

John Martinelli, Head of Production

Solarflare studio


Running since 2021

This long term partnership with the ASICS, has resulted in the development of Mind Uplifter™ programme which is now globally incorporated within their brand identity and communications strategy. 

As an extension to the campaign, Mind Race was put together with Dr. Brendon Stubbs and volunteers globally, where everyday athletes were monitored to see the impact a week of inactivity would have on their minds. By capturing multiple data sets, we were able to generate an atmospheric data visualisation that integrated both EEG readings with emotional and cognitive behaviour recordings from the Mind Uplifter™ Tool. 


Uplifting The Mind

Since 1949, ASICS’ founding mission has been to help everyone achieve a ‘Sound Body, Sound Mind’, with an unrelenting philosophy that sport holds that power to uplift the mind. Mind Race was created out of the combined desire to push the goal of moving a million minds. Now, with Solarflare Studio, Golin and Unit 9, a data discovery and visualisation is able to narrate the true power exercise can have on your mental wellbeing.

Presented within a film we went about using technology to create visuals that not only looked great, but created an abstract representation of the emotional and cognitive behaviour through real-time particle and cloud simulations.


How We Hacked It

Involving more than 50 participants from 21 countries, the film documents 7 of the participants’ results and reactions, to bring the study to life during a four phase experiment.

The Participants: Reece J Morant, Iwan Thomas, Ayodeji Drew-Smith, Chandini Wilson, Maddy Bryce, Giles Surridge and Dr. Tosin.


Using ASICS ‘Mind Uplifter’ technology, which combines AI facial scanning data with a series of scientifically designed questions and answers, a Mind Uplift score illustrates to the user how different sports can alter their mental state across 10 cognitive and emotional metrics. Now capturing real-time feedback on general brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movement with the use of Muse 2 headsets at different stages of the experiment; Mind Race captured each participant’s EEG data with their Mind Uplifter™ scores to track the negative effect that a week without exercise would have on the individual.

The Visualisation

Working with real time visual artist Ben Heim, we translated the participants’ state of mind recordings before, during, and after the experiment, into an atmospheric data visualisation, which was fed onto large LED screens that centred the film set. 

Exclusively revealed in the film, the participants’ reactions to their results were captured.

“Sports brands are masters of tracking time and distance – but, despite its importance, the mental impact of not exercising has always remained intangible. In pursuit of work that matters, we and ASICS wanted to change the movement conversation, using craft and cutting-edge technology to show – rather than tell – how movement affects our minds. The results are beautiful, but carry a sobering message.”

Al Wood, Executive Creative Director



The study revealed that participants’ State of Mind scores were lowered by an average of 18% through not exercising, with confidence, positivity, and the inability to cope with stress also reduced. The results also pinpointed that 15 minutes and 9 seconds is all the exercise it takes to return to a positive mental state.

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ASICS continues to provide everyday athletes with the ability to see the impact of movement on their minds through the Mind Uplifter Tool. It can be tried out here with scores being shared through #UpliftingMinds. The results are added to The World Uplift Map to continually help to fund Mind’s vital research and support work.


Creative Data Cannes 2022  | Data Storytelling, Shortlisted 

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