TYPE & TECH Social, Live Event, AI, Audio-Responsive VJ System

CLIENT Abode Records


Elevating Abode's Eerie Event Ambiance

Our collaboration with Abode Records for their Halloween festival at Hitchin Priory in October 2023 ventured into a new frontier of creativity. By combining generative AI and audio-responsive visuals, we promoted the festival’s extensive lineup and enhanced the night’s crazy production. 

“Thanks to the Solarflare team for curating our Halloween content for the show. We’re excited to continue our relationship and look to build out further epic visuals for our upcoming shows.” 

GW Harrison

Abode Records


Crafting a Spooky AI Promotional Buzz

Abode Records reached out to us seeking innovative ways to market their events, prompting a collaboration to create captivating promotional and event-based content for the Halloween festival at Hitchin Priory. With the challenge to reflect their eerie event atmosphere before the big night, we first delved into novel editing techniques to craft an animated AI teaser that would effectively build anticipation. By harnessing generative AI, we pushed the boundaries of each frame, experimenting with bespoke effects that added a unique touch to the visuals. The promotional outcome was a distinctive campaign video that created a significant buzz on social media, effectively driving ticket sales and stirring excitement for the upcoming night. Our initial success in capturing the event’s atmosphere set the stage for more expansive visual projects.


An Evolving AI Audience Experience

Leveraging generative AI and custom effects, we enriched the promotional content and seamlessly transitioned this unique visual language into the live event experience.

To elevate the actual night of the festival, we crafted a backdrop featuring real-time, audio-responsive visuals that synchronised with the DJ sets. With our custom VJ system built in TouchDesigner, we achieved real-time synchronisation of spooky visuals, amplifying the overall atmosphere. The imagery, transformed into a 3D format and dynamically distorted using generative AI, created a pulsating point cloud geometry that moved in sync with the music.

The content was seamlessly integrated into our TouchDesigner Project, providing the DJ with real-time, beat-synced visual feedback. Advanced control features were also at the site operator’s fingertips, allowing them to switch between different visual sets and adjust sliders for a continuously fresh and evolving audience experience.


Audience-First Experiential Content

The success with Abode Records has led to an ongoing partnership, where we continue to explore cutting-edge strategies that’ll enhance the marketing of their future events. Our expertise in generative AI, audio-responsive LED installations, and VJ systems is just one way we can push creative boundaries and deliver extraordinary experiences for larger audiences.