The showreel is out, the predictions are in.


Hacking the Human Experience.

Un-tethered to a single technology, our immersive experiences help clients discover, explore and connect, creatively forging deeper relationships between brands and their consumers.

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some incredible brands, agencies, and individual geniuses over the past year. From creating a digital racquet with Wimbledon’s Virtual Hill experience in 2021, providing everyday athletes the ability to see the impact of movement on their minds with ASICS, and even putting users in the driving seat of a life-sized Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian FKp 37.

By turning worlds, event launches, and applications — digital, the team has successfully intersected the latest frontier technologies in a variety of sectors. Through nothing but collaboration, we’ve tested, built, and delivered bespoke experiences that stand out in a world of over-saturated content, all while educating our clients along the way.

John Martinelli, Head of Production and Co-Founder, Solarflare Studio commented:

“This past year has been incredibly rewarding to see an increase in event activations again, enabling us to work on some pretty amazing live experiences for our clients. Alongside this, we have continued to deliver some truly epic digital content, pushing the level of creativity and technicality, as well as pushing our Labs experiments further, some even turning into live projects for clients!

He continued: “We’re very proud to have worked across some fascinating research pieces for a number of our clients, with key subject matters that very much resonate with the team.”

Technical Art Director, Lee Spooner, added

“Wow, what an exciting past couple of years it has been! We have been super fortunate to work with several amazing clients that are willing to push the boundaries of what technology can do and have the trust in us to help them deliver relevant creative experiences that support them with their aims and goals.”

CTO, Stuart Cupit also reflected:

“We’ve had the amazing opportunity to build a thriving company working on fantastically interesting productions, for the greatest companies, using the latest cutting edge technologies with a talented team of people from all over the world.

We survived a global pandemic in our first year, helping our clients take advantage of the emerging metaverse. Now, as physical events are reappearing, we can once again deploy tech that has to be tried, to connect with people in a way only great experiences can.”

But why and where to start, you ask? We’ve broken it down.

What is a brand experience?

It’s all about crafting and formulating a sensory user experience that can bring a user into a meaningful and lasting relationship with a brand. Connect that with marketing, and it can leverage data, technology, and storytelling.

The why?

With the majority of companies switching to the consumer-centric business model, long-term marketing strategies rely on creating deeper connections through engaging a repeat audience.

By simply making the customer the centre of an experience, you’re directly targeting their emotional responses…and narratives are historically known to make humans feel good — quite literally, a good story that resonates with us can boost our levels of oxytocin.

If you successfully trigger those levels of oxytocin within a person, your brand instantly stands out amongst the crowd.

We’ve noted other benefits too:

  • An immersive experience can reach a wider target audience with higher levels of engagement.
  • Personalised messaging builds stronger trust.
  • By targeting the audience’s senses, you can drive inspiration.

And one more for luck…

  • Metrics and data can be captured from design-driven real-time feedback, allowing you to learn from your campaign’s results.
Where to start?

The most sensible thing that brands and agencies can be doing is not so much leaping without looking into the digital realm or ‘metaverse’ of sorts because people say there is a huge opportunity there. But instead, educating themselves on both the breadth of the opportunity and the risks attached to it.

As this is an environment that holds few limits, with, let’s say physics…it’s not a place to create a replica but to see your digital twin as an opportunity to stretch your creativity. Although the outlook on what you want to create is different, similar discussions around budget, resources & production should follow the same criteria as they would be when balancing platforms for a social media campaign.

What’s next?

Immersive technology has given us the tools to tell stories in mind-blowing ways. With an ability to seamlessly elevate users’ experience, subtly and beyond what most know as possible — it’s the real age of Sci-Fi. But, it’s about finding the sweet spot of consistency and excitement.

Lee’s predictions:

“We’re seeing such a push for engaging and relevant online digital content these days, that can be accessed on all devices, so as such we are working with a lot more webGL and webAR content so that people can access on their mobiles and still get a rich experience.”

A final word from Stuart:

 “I’m full of excitement for the future as the team helps our customers find new ways to hack the human experience.”

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