Wimbledon’s Virtual Hill

Virtualising The Iconic Hill

With reduced capacity on the grounds, (due to COVID) and international super fans being unable to attend the event in person - Wimbledon wanted to create a virtual experience, to recreate the spirit of the Hill in an online audience.

In partnership with Wasserman, we developed an interactive social experience featuring avatars, emojis, strawberry costumes and mullets. Creating an unforgettable digital experience to keep fans connected and feeling the Championship spirit.


Inside the experience

Transform your Avatar with iconic Wimbledon outfits

Fans could collect 'Wimble-coins' by engaging more, unlocking prizes & tickets to matches.

Kiosks offer support, FAQs, brand elevations and AMEX exclusives.

React in realtime to games and with Wimbledon's social team with live games & quizzes

Discover the Rufuscam a hawk-eye view of the 3D world, to select the perfect viewing angle

Building in customisable Avatars, AMEX cardholder exclusives and teasing the release of new styles, there were plenty of reasons to keep coming back. The buzz continued on social media, where people could share snippets from their experience online. The application saw an incredible amount of registrations with over 455,000 sign-up users in 13 days!


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