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Sound Mind, Sound Body

Since 1949, ASICS’ founding mission has been to help everyone achieve a sound mind in a sound body, with an unrelenting belief that sport holds the power to uplift the mind. Underpinned by scientific research, we partnered with ASICS and Edelman to develop the ASICS Mind Uplifter™ – a world-first tool allowing users to track the impact of movement on the mind in real-time.

The goal? To move a million minds with results proving a defined link between exercise and improved wellbeing, furthering ASICS’ wider funding and educational campaigns.

To date, the Uplift Score data visualisation has become a global brand identity in itself, with results reaching:

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The ASICS Mind Uplifter™ Tool

On an international level, ASICS is providing everyday athletes with the ability to see the impact of movement on their minds. By combining HTML, Three.js, and WebGL with AI facial scanning technology and self-reported data, collection metrics are calculated from the users both pre and post-exercise. Users can access the tool via desktop and mobile to capture how different sports can alter their brains’ state across 10 emotional and cognitive metrics, scoring the following out of 100; Focused, Relaxed, Content, Positive, Energised, Calm, Alert, Confident, Resilient and Composed.



Working closely with Dr. Brendon Stubbs, a renowned researcher in mental health, we leveraged cutting-edge technologies to conduct a unique global study that combines biodata captured from athletes along with their answers to scientifically designed questions. The first BETA phase of the study utilised EEG headsets to directly read the brainwave data of participants before and after they exercised. This approach gave Dr. Stubbs valuable insight into the dynamic relationship between sport, mood, and brain function.


For the global rollout, there was a need to use a more accessible technology that could gather cognitive and emotional metrics without the need for external hardware. The decision was to use facial scanning software that is easily launched through a browser or mobile and can provide valuable non-self-reported bio-data from the user. The Emotion AI scans the users’ faces to analyse several types of data; pose, likely age, likely gender, emotion, levels of arousal or valence, and levels of attention.


The World Uplift Map: Building an Online Community

Each Mind Uplift input contributes to a World Uplift map-generating the Global Uplift Score. These research findings were pivotal in informing the development of the study’s wider global rollout to define the Global State of Mind Index, with the map quantifying the positive impact that sport can have on the collective mood of cities, nations, and the world. ASICS tasked us with visualising the global results onto an interactive world map, allowing users to sort by various filters.


The Tool in Action

Throughout 2021 ASICS hosted 23 physical and virtual Mind Uplifter events across 10 different countries: UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Australia, Poland, France, Italy, and Sweden. Reaching 14 towns and cities: London, Derby, Retford, Richmond, Sydney, LA, Noosa, Kraków, Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, Stockholm, Millian, and Amsterdam.


Live Event

When running provided many with the outlet when gyms were unable to, ASICS transformed Retford into “Upliftford” in the lead-up to World Mental Health Day 2021. With the support of the mental health charity Mind, they invited a diverse group of residents to come and experience the benefits of activity while using the Mind Uplifter tool. With really positive data results, it truly did show a mental uplift created through movement.

“We wanted to develop an accurate interpretation of the benefits of exercise and running, and something accessible to the masses.”

– Explains Dr. Brendon Stubbs


Would movement Uplift your mind? Try out the experience and share your Mind Uplift with #UpliftingMinds. You’ll be helping to fund Mind’s vital research and support work.


The Drum Awards, Experience | ‘Upliftford’ – Best Open Air Experience, Winner