Dimenco’s 3D Screen


new technology excites us.

If you’ve been following us, you’ll know we’re testing out hardware from home, weighing up the pros, cons and best uses.

3D screens have been around for a while now, each with varying in commercial success. We’ve been curious to see who’ll create “the screen” that changes the game for everyone. The exciting news is, it might just be here.

Dimenco kindly sent us their Simulated Reality (SR) 3D screen to test out.  Unlike other iterations of 3D screens, it requires no glasses, no additional accessories, and is the perfect solution for a contactless experience.

By turning worlds, event launches, and applications — digital, the team has successfully intersected the latest frontier technologies in a variety of sectors. Through nothing but collaboration, we’ve tested, built, and delivered bespoke experiences that stand out in a world of over-saturated content, all while educating our clients along the way.

first impressions of the “world’s most advanced 3d display technology”.

The system comes complete, including a powerful workstation, hand tracking, spatial audio and of course the 32” 8k auto stereoscopic display. It’s pretty impressive. The 3D is created by a lenticular lens over the screen, this directs light from specific pixels to your left and right eyes allowing them to see slightly different images. 

First impressions are great, sitting in front of the screen the content just leaps out. The built-in eye-tracking perfectly positions the 3D for the user and allows you to ‘look around’ the content by leaning slightly left and right. The sensation is stunningly realistic and natural. The attention-grabbing nature of 3D screens is a great draw. We’re fascinated by the way the images float out of the screen, which will most likely increase dwell times and engagement with the viewer. 

The only limitation is that only one person can really view the 3D imagery at a time, which can also be seen as an advantage for personalised , or technical content. 

The SR screen works well for any content that benefits from being viewed in 3D. Complex engineering, architecture, medical, etc. It makes a great point of sale experience for showcasing products, especially if they benefit from interactivity in some way like product customisation. Real world uses for customised clothing, footwear, interior decor, car options would all benefit the consumer experience, showcasing an end product in a more tangible, sharp 3D form. 

One nice feature, especially in these times, is the screen can be enjoyed completely hands-free, unlike VR and AR headsets which have hygiene issues because they need to be worn. 

Dimenco is looking to build the SR technology into a range of screens from laptops to mobiles, for now, there’s the opportunity to create standout first of their kind experiences using the 32” SR screen. We are looking forward to incorporating this into our projects in the near future.