LAUNCH Celebrates Women’s Day with Gen-1 by Runway


Happy International Women’s Day! Today we’re celebrating the fierce and remarkable women who have shaped our world and continue to inspire us with their ingenuity, creativity, and sheer tenacity. But let’s not forget that achieving true gender equality requires ongoing effort and commitment – not just on this day, but every single day.

As we honour their achievements, our LAUNCH team is excited to share their latest BOOSTER project using Runway’s video-to-video development, Gen-1. This project is a small but meaningful tribute to the incredible women who continue to drive our inspiration.


Gen-1 is a ground-breaking software that uses machine learning to generate fresh footage from existing videos. With exclusive early access, our LAUNCH team went about testing it on some of our Shutter Lounge content to showcase the awesome skills of Imani Vital, an Aerial Straps Artist. Created in partnership with Private Drama and Wise Productions, The Shutter Lounge is an interactive virtual venue built to host and entertain when the industry had paused. Working with a wide range of cabaret artists, we captured their performances against a green screen and seamlessly transported them into beautifully designed virtual sets using Unreal Engine. 

Previously submerged in a mystical forest, by using simple text prompts and images with Gen-1, we were able to create several stylised videos inspired by a variety of pattern styles. From floral and simple line patterns to art deco references they each enhance the scenes’ cinematic creativity and quickly transform the visuals of the high-skill contemporary circus performer, Imani.

One of the major advantages of using Gen-1 is that it streamlines the video editing process. Traditionally, video production involves hours of footage, which must be carefully edited and pieced together. With Gen-1, you can generate new footage from simple input to visualise ideas, saving time and reducing the need for extensive shoots. Another advantage is that it can very quickly enhance deeper cinematic expression. Allowing creators to explore a variety of creative avenues at ideation stage and, as a result, tell more compelling stories.

We found the AI worked really well with juxtaposing content, where dark backgrounds complement the lighter areas. But of course, like any new technology, there are drawbacks. Similar to Midjourney’s first iterations, the morphing of close-up faces is a tad insane. No doubt, with developments and wider industry rollout, other concerns will arise instead, like overuse, leading to a loss of authenticity and creativity. However, we believe that by using it selectively and in conjunction with other video production techniques, you can avoid this pitfall and create truly unique and impactful videos.


As video production evolves, new technologies are constantly emerging to enhance the creative process. Runway’s Gen-1 Video-Video development is a prime example of how machine learning has the potential to transform the way we approach storytelling. 

At LAUNCH, we’re always on the lookout to collaborate, test and incorporate new technologies like Gen-1 into our projects. We’re excited to continue exploring new ways to tell stories and push the boundaries of what’s possible in our narrative development. The team is thrilled to be a part of this exciting time and with the striking results. A big shout out to the remarkable acrobatics skills of Imani Vital, whose performance centres these AI generated animations.

Thank you to all of the women out there y’all are really something else. The studio is committed to supporting and uplifting women in all areas of life and work. So let’s keep pushing for progress. Let’s challenge the status quo, smash those glass ceilings, and continue working towards a society with a brighter, more equal future.