The Shutter Lounge

The Shutter Lounge is an interactive, beautifully designed virtual venue built to host events and experiences. Developed in collaboration with Private Drama and Wise Productions, the space can be used for private parties, conferences, award ceremonies and is available for dry hire.

Let the show begin!

We developed the virtual space in Unreal Engine, inspired by a 50’s, Gatsby-esq, cabaret environment to host parties and performances.  Working with a wide range of cabaret artists, from dancers, singers to aerial performers all filmed against a green screen, and then camera matched to generate the same view within Unreal, compositing the two together to deliver a seamless, immersive performance.

The interactive aspects:

Virtual experiences can fall flat if they’re not interactive and engaging the audience, it’s why we added some live elements: 

  • Host: The entire experience is hosted by a charismatic Master MC of Ceremonies (MC) Chastity who sets the pace, keeps the audience engaged and adds a personalised feel throughout.
  • Audio reactive sets: One step better than reality, we designed the sets to be audio reactive with lighting and particle effects to add to the excitement and keep the audience engaged.
  • Live DJ: Taking live requests through a mobile application that participants could download prior to or during the event. Messages from guests would appear on the screen, along with shout-outs and dedications, creating a real sense of involvement.

Mixologists: An interactive cabaret show would be incomplete without a cocktail. We collaborated with Mix n Match’s mixologists to show the audience how to create the perfect Moscow Mule & Espresso Martini. Boxes with measured ingredients were sent to guests prior to the event, allowing them to follow through.


Next, we're creating a different venue for The Shutter Lounge, an open space with a Summer feel. Introducing the Pavillion, a fully customizable space for brands to host their next event. Get in touch to learn more here. 

The Shutter Lounge