TYPE & TECH Live Event, Fog Screen, Generative AI

CLIENT White City House


Conjuring an Immersive AI Event Entrance

White City House’s legendary Halloween party transports guests annually to a night of eerie enchantment and celebration. In partnership with Soho House and Bacardí, Solarflare Studio conjured an innovative installation that set the tone for The Haunted House theme. A fog-enveloped entrance led daring guests through a projected AI skull animation, brought to life with audio-synced glitches.


A Night of Spooktacular Festivities

Teaming up with Soho House, our goal was to craft a striking installation that not only sent chills down guests’ spines but, with subtle visuals and seamless technology, welcomed them into an evening of spooktacular festivities. The night at White City House featured performances by Black Cat Cabaret, DJ SSensational Sounds, Shy FX, music from a live band and more.


Step into the Animated AI Installation, If You Dare

Keeping the visual perspective simple but spooky in line with the client’s vision, we developed a fog screen that acted as a gateway, concealing the entrance to the night. Guests courageously had to walk through the unsettling skull projection to access the party. Ranging from realistic to downright scary, the generative AI imagery displayed on the semi-transparent wall appeared as if it was floating in mid-air. Through keyframe animations, we gave these bone-chilling spectres further life, making them appear to lunge at the brave souls daring to enter. We also developed a bespoke TouchDesigner project that twisted the imagery with audio-synced glitches and depth maps, resulting in a mesmerising, looping piece. 

As an eerie and creative finishing touch, we additionally created animated skull visuals for an LED wall situated behind the DJ booth.


Elevating an Unforgettable Night

Nothing short of spectacular, our fog-veiled, animated skull installation set the perfect eerie tone for the evening’s performances at White City House, leaving guests with thrilling photo opportunities and memories. By seamlessly blending technology, creativity, and Halloween spirit, our innovative installation elevated the unforgettable night.

“It was a privilege to be part of the White City House Halloween event. We were thrilled with the opportunity to install such a high impact activation that was central to the entry of the experience. The night was incredibly entertaining, and we look forward to more collaborations with the team.” 

– Lauren Smith

Project Manager, Solarflare Studio