The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show is a British TV series based on gadget reviews and showcasing technological innovations that approached us to collaborate for the 4th time on a fun, face-swapping experience.


To transfer John Bentley’s (one of The Gadget Show's presenters) face onto footage of a singing guitarist so that it would appear like he was able to both play the guitar and sing, helping him win a head-to-head music battle.


DeepFake is a technique for human image synthesis based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), like a face swap. The technology behind it involves a multi-stage approach, firstly by using machine learning to map the key 68 facial landmarks and using that data to generate an alignment file for both faces. Then using a machine learning framework known as Generative Adversarial Networks, we were able to set two AI networks competing against each other.  One AI generating forgeries, and the other AI attempting to detect those forgeries. Through the competition of the 2 networks, the forgeries become more convincing over time.


We completed over 285,000 iterations, allowing the AI to match facial landmarks and expressions and be able to effectively swap faces.  This created a full 3 minute video, with John Bentley’s face appearing to sing and play the guitar to the classic ‘House of The Rising Sun’ track.The final video was projected onto the stage at a music venue, where John Bentley was competing against a singer-songwriter. The Gadget Show episode was shown on Channel 5 on Friday 22nd November. 

The Gadget Show