TYPE & TECH Event Installation, Custom RFID Objects

CLIENT Natwest


Natwest approached us with the task of creating an elegant and compelling way to showcase a number of their feature stories at their Women Mean Business event in partnership with The Telegraph.


To create an immersive storytelling experience that guests and VIPs could engage with, showcasing Natwest WIB stories in an interactive format. Natwest had two stories they wanted to highlight, one of Asma Khan the owner of Darjeeling Express (an Indian Restaurant), and the other Ade Hassan, MBE with her Nubian Skin Company.


We created two stand alone themed installations, to honour both the stories seperately.  Using custom made RFID (Radio-frequency identification) objects, visitors were able to select and play a part of the narrative. The content was triggered by a guest lifting and placing an object onto a dedicated activation area. This was prompted by an on screen message.

By integrating the RFID technology within the fully customised object, which tied into the brand and story themes, we created an element of surprise for audience members. Design and video were creatively crafted to make the best use of the large transparent OLED screen that the stories were played on.

The use of these screens added another level of intrigue, as we were able to place themed objects behind the screen, allowing animations and motion graphics to interact with our props in our brand environment. The plinths were also custom made by Solarflare Studio, enabling us to house the RFID readers, the media players and support the screens, all whilst adhering to brand guidelines and project themes.


The result of the project was the completion of two integrated, clean and minimal viewing stations, that prompted guests and attendees to engage with content by interacting with our brand-themed markers. This ensured video content was receiving the full attention of guests and provided a clear activation area, which was bold and striking and drew people in to immerse themselves within the experience. The event had a successful close with a positive draw from guests who engaged with the build and a large number of people engaging with the Natwest brand area.

“Embedding RFID tags into themed statues, allowed us to elevate the user interaction to one of play and intrigue, and create a sense of fun around a normally mundane interaction method.”

– Lee Spooner

Technical Art Director, Solarflare Studio