TYPE & TECH Live Event, Augmented Reality

CLIENT The Music Walk of Fame


Transporting Users into an AR World
of Bowie’s Legacy

Together with The Music Walk of Fame, Solarflare Studio developed a complementary AR activation to celebrate the release of the David Bowie documentary Moonage Daydream and the live unveiling of his stone.

In this unique web experience, attendees could explore Bowie’s most celebrated guise through moving images, lyrics, and his own voice, while surrounded by the artwork from Moonage Daydream as well as iconic design moments from Bowie’s career.

“There are so many technological discoveries that if Bowie was around, he would have been on it. When we sign contracts with Bowie’s estate, it covers everything future-wise. He was always thinking of the future. In the early days, when we talked about what we wanted to do, we always had eyes set on the future. He was a genius.”

– Woody Woodmansey

Bowie’s drummer


Celebrating World-Changing Moments in Music

Based in Camden, London The Music Walk of Fame is an international cultural monument recognising and celebrating the music that has had global contributions to both culture, society. Proud to honour it’s latest inductee, David Bowie, The Music Walk of Fame revealed his exclusive stone on September 22nd in an event that jointly celebrated the recent release of Moonage Daydream.

As a definitive Bowie biopic, the cinematic odyssey illuminates the life and genius of David Bowie. Featuring never-before seen footage, director Brett Morgen captivates the audience not only showcasing his incredible ability to originate new looks, sounds and ideas, but his influence on pop, rock and showmanship.

During the stone reveal event, The Music Walk of Fame challenged us to create a striking augmented reality experience that gave attendees a sneak into the film, immersed by iconic moments from Bowie’s legacy.


How We Hacked it

Using Blippar’s Blippbuilder, this web based experience transports users into an AR world of David Bowie – with a simple QR-code scan, and no need to download an app.

Drawing on key-art from the documentary Moonage Daydream, alongside other iconic design moments from Bowie’s creative, spiritual and musical journey, the artist’s most celebrated presence is explored in the world around the user, through moving images, lyrics, and the voice of the man himself.


An Augmented Space Oddity

After scanning the QR code, a hallucinatory nebula forms around the user in an AR space – presenting the key-art of Moonage Daydream in a beautiful 360º panorama.

Floating in the space, key objects from his legacy can be interacted with, such as the iconic Aladdin Sane lightning bolt. Once clicked, a retro TV-set is set to the foreground, filling the screen showing glimpses of Bowie’s career. Accompanying the experience, the voice of Bowie narrates insight from his dazzling career while highlights play alongside.


Celebrating Bowie’s Gift of both Sound and Vision

The QR code was displayed on flyers and signage during the live unveiling of David Bowie’s Music Walk of Fame stone, allowing users to step inside and share moments that commemorated his sound and vision as an internationally recognised artist.


The Music Walk of Fame Stone Reveal

The sunny ceremony, packed with attendees, music, and pure celebration saw Bowie’s drummer Woody Woodmansey along with other collaborators, unveil the stone.

With incredible coverage across media, broadcast, print and online, the event allowed the multigenerational visitors to pay tribute and honour the life and genius of Bowie.

Still live for the public in Camden, our continuing partnership with The Music Walk of Fame will provide a unique augmented reality experience for each unveiling. Roll on the next stone!


Rippled online across…

ReutersNME, Rolling Stone, Music Week, MailOnline, Evening Standard, ITV London, The Independent, Virgin, London Live, Gold Radio, Greatest Hits Radio, Radio X, Metro, Archant, Forbes, Variety, BBC Radio 5 live, MediaShotz and so on…

“David Bowie is a global influence, one of the ultimate influencers and sooner or later, we had to have him on The Music Walk Of Fame. Our intention is for this to be the highest honour a music figure can receive in the UK and beyond, the unveiling of David’s stone ensures that legacy. We have huge plans for the future, but for now, let’s celebrate one of the greats of music.”

– Lee Bennett

Founder, The Music Walk of Fame