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Futuristic Interactivity at MOL Campus

As part of the MOL Group’s sustainable vision for 2030+, Pulse Group engaged Solarflare Studio to create a series of technological solutions for three interactive experiences at the new landmark headquarters, MOL Campus, in Budapest.

From an interactive robotic AR station to a green animated family of MOL energy characters, we hacked and installed the latest technology to bring to life activations that told the story of MOL’s ecological aspirations to visitors of all ages.

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A Sustainable Response

Designed by Foster + Partners and Finta Studio, the new HQ Visitor Centre consolidates the global energy company’s operations in one place while creating an exciting new addition to the city’s skyline. Through the heart of the building, its unique 28-storey form houses greenery, from the central atrium to the rooftop, bringing nature closer to the workspace and also acting as a social catalyst, creating spaces for collaboration, relaxation, and inspiration.

The cutting-edge development aims to set a new benchmark for both Budapest and Hungary to drive a sustainable response. Upon entry of the HQ, Pulse Group’s three brand activations incorporate our technical solutions to visualise the ecological building systems.


Using Technology To Tell A Story

Led by Pulse Group’s conceptual ideas and design, we provided our technical expertise and support to bring the activations to life. On the proposition that MOL Group is ‘acting today, implementing the innovations of tomorrow’, the partnership hacked the latest technology into the following three hands-on experiences to engage and educate visitors of all ages.
Sitting proudly in the middle of the space, this interactive station allows visitors to explore the green and smart credentials of the iconic MOL Campus. Surrounding an elegant model of the building, we built three robotic arms, each holding screens, that can detect human motion and respond through user-controlled navigation. Using Azure Kinect sensors, the robotics follow their movement via hand tracking, and deeper educational content appears across several AR hotspots. To captivate visitors, we implemented an idle mode where RARUK Automation‘s robot arms seamlessly travel around.

“By combining robot arms and augmented reality displays with gesture-controlled user interaction Solarflare were able to create a unique visitor experience. Some of the technical challenges included custom coding a unique user interface where users’ hand movements control the robot’s position to trigger augmented reality hotspots. Designing and 3D printing a custom mount to allow the robot arm to hold a 27” OLED monitor. Creating a real-time augmented reality layer to view inside the new building. The whole Solarflare team got involved with our blend of creative, UX, software and hardware skills. We are very proud of the end result.”

– Stuart Cupit

CTO, Solarflare Studio

This interactive touchscreen experience encapsulates MOL Group’s vision for the future of energy and mobility. Displayed across 2 x 3-metre ultra-wide, multi-touch LED screens, we blended motion graphical content, videos, and photography to narrate key strategic areas. Brought together through a beautiful interactive ‘helix’, the shared experience is designed for multiple users to join at any point, with multiple-choice quizzes along the way. A futuristic soundscape complements the thematic shifts in content and subtly emphasises key facts.

With a core goal to entertain and educate children while their parent’s queue for the MOL Campus SkyDeck, we developed an animated child-friendly game displayed across three 42” vertical touchscreens.

A loveable plasma ball of energy that represents the energy at a molecular level, MOL-e the molecule, is the voice of the experience. She takes them on a fun educational journey, showing them how green energy is generated; how waste can be turned into new materials; and how MOL is moving towards a regenerative, circular economy.


The home screen is a striking illustration of Budapest and its surroundings. From the MOL Campus and the Danube River to the city architecture and hills, it represents an energised animated world where the characters live and work together to bring sustainable energy to the people.

Playing as they learn, the four games, each representing a different type of energy, reward the visitor with surprising character animations and positive feedback as they power up and make energy.

MOL-e the molecule gives them words of encouragement and guidance while introducing the family of MOL energy characters.

Once all games are complete, and the scene has been energised, the children are rewarded with a tree to plant, adding to the virtual MOL forest total.


Cutting-Edge Installations

Launched in March 2023, these permanent cutting-edge installations are open to the public, offering visitors a unique and interactive way to learn about the MOL Group’s vision and mission.

“We are delighted with the technological solutions that Solarflare Studio worked with us on to bring to life this world-class installation.”

– Zoi Gazila,

Creative Director, Pulse Group