TYPE & TECH Virtual Educational Environment, VR



Meet, engage, discover

With physical events cancelled due to Covid, Maxar – The Global satellite intelligence and technology manufacturer, wanted to create a unique experience they could send out to prospects. Taking potential future clients on a journey to explore their capabilities within the international, defence & intelligence sectors.


Our futuristic hit-squads first thought?

Social VR. By implementing a real-time multiplayer functionality directly within Unity, we were able to build a VR application that would enable Maxar representatives to be in their own branded metaverse alongside clients. With no better view, the interactive and explorable airlock hung out with the stars, orbiting the Earth.

“The capabilities of utilising solutions such as multiplayer within our platform provides a greater level of collaboration within Virtual environments, offering the ability to communicate and sync with users simultaneously. This is a great showcase for how this industry has enabled businesses to adapt and communicate, both internally and externally to clients.”

– John Martinelli

 Head of Production, Solarflare studio


A forward thinking sales tool

Through a user-friendly wrist menu navigation to make teleportation between spaces and rooms easy. The Virtual Hub also hosted a library of previously created Maxar VR content that could be selected and played within the 360 environment. Transporting the users into 3D spherical videos with the aim to explore and learn more about Maxars accomplishments.

Our team’s experience using Unity meant we were able to develop the bespoke mini-metaverse in just a month. We used Normcore to handle the networked multi-user syncing and voice chat which worked seamlessly.


Custom client interactions

Housing all of Maxars VR content within one social Hub space enabled their staff to guide users through the content from inside the virtual environment. This has made for a more personalised and social experience than entering VR alone.

We deployed the tool for Maxar on the Oculus Quest2 VR headset using the AppLab to control installed on client devices. Maxar continues to use VR at trade events and in meetings to engage guests and explain their use case stories.

“A great success and response from our customers. They enjoyed the virtual world so much it was hard to get them out!”

– Maxar Technologies