TYPE & TECH Marketing Campaign, Animation

CLIENT London South Bank University


An Empowering LSBU Commercial

Discover the collaborative effort that brought the empowering message of London South Bank University’s ‘The Making of You’ commercial to life. Curly Films and Anything is Possible teamed up to create a new student recruitment campaign, with Solarflare Studio adding animated energy to enhance the film’s visuals and message.

As soon as I dove into the script, I felt the weight of responsibility for how this project could impact its viewers. It was crystal clear that my main aim was to create a commercial that boosts the audience’s confidence, urging them not only to feel empowered but to venture into their unexplored potential.

Considering how much content bombards younger audiences these days, I wanted this commercial to stand out, to cut through the noise and connect on a deeper level. This was crucial because, in the end, we possessed the ability to positively change the trajectory of someone’s life for the better…” 

– Alex Dickinson



Connecting with Aspirational Young Students

Aiming to resonate with an aspirational youth demographic, Curly Films and Anything is Possible made an early insight discovery that drove the plan for the creative content. With a notable percentage of first-generation students at LSBU, largely from South East London and surrounding areas, the challenge was to connect and reach young people seeking to set new traditions for themselves and their families within higher education. 


Elevating Narratives Through Animation

The storyline unfolded through the lens of social mobility, highlighting the university’s role in providing a platform for personal growth. To add a dynamic flair to the film’s visuals, our design team animated a series of captivating illustrations in line with the brand’s style. 

Real faculty and students, immersed in their first week at the university, formed a supporting cast, with select scenes coming alive through our inspirational animated sketches that mirrored their educational journey. From motion-tracked illustrative clothing to intricately flowing sketches that grew into vibrant paintings, each frame vividly captured the essence of this compelling campaign.


The Campaign Success

Directed by Alex Dickinson, the autumn commercial quickly gained success, racking up over 200K views on YouTube within just two weeks. Resonating across LSBU networks, generating press and social coverage, this collaboration seamlessly portrayed the empowering message and reinforced the university’s commitment to unlock greatness within future generations.