Google – Morphing Clay

TYPE & TECH Live Event, AI Art



Experience Real-Time Inspiration

Morphing Clay is a real-time, interactive AI experience designed in collaboration with Google and Future Deluxe to breathe new life into traditional Chinese ceramics and inspire a younger generation.


Connecting the Younger Generation
to Traditional Culture

Google wanted to showcase an interesting use of artificial intelligence (AI) at two events in China in September 2019. The idea was to use generative AI to reconnect the younger generation with the traditional art forms that are part of China’s cultural heritage with the use of Machine Learning.


How We Hacked it

Working alongside the teams at Future Deluxe (who drove the overall creative) and Bit Studio (who developed the back end), members of the Solarflare team created the front end experience using Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline. Powered by Google’s machine learning platform – TensorFlow, Morphing Clay learns to recognise different human gestures and body movements, triggering the morphing of different pottery shapes and patterns in real-time.


An Endless Moment of Discovery

As users step into the installation, their movement and clothing inspire the generative AI and become reflected in the shape and texture of the ceramics on screen. Creating an inspiring moment of endless play and discovery, they create their own unique pottery art based on traditional Chinese archetypes. The Morphing Clay installation showcased at both WAIC 2019 and GDD China 2019 in Shanghai, China, received an amazing reception.