TYPE & TECH Live Installation, Brain-Wave Data, EEG Headsets

CLIENT Goodwood Festival of Speed


The Goodwood Festival of Speed (GFoS) is the pinnacle event in the UK’s automotive calendar. Celebrating speed, precision, and the latest innovations, attracting an international audience of motor enthusiasts every year.


GFoS wanted to collaborate with world-leading bioinformatics company EMOTIV, to produce a show-stopping display of technological prowess on a global stage. The concept? To harness brain-wave data to control model Scalextric cars in a spectacular attention-grabbing installation.


In partnership with Future Lab and Catapult, we created a unique Scalextric track, powered by brain wave data picked up by EMOTIV’S EEG headsets. 

The installation housed graphically animated screens below the track to attract visitors. Users would be given tasks to focus on whilst being configured to the headset and use their minds to power their cars. The better the focus, the quicker the car would go around.

“Nahhh that can’t be real”

Audiences had an unbelievable reaction, one mostly of disbelief, as one of the most talked-about experiences at Goodwood. Spectators described the experience as “too good to be true” and surprisingly, children held their focus for longer and outraced their parents. The buzz around the experience caught the attention of the BBC, ITV and a shoutout from one of our favourite astronauts, Tim Peake.

“Future Lab was outstanding – A highlight of the latest cutting edge technologies presented in a fun, interactive and informative way.“

– Tim Peake

British Astronaut