Formula 1 FAN ZONES

TYPE & TECH Live Sports, WebAR

CLIENT Formula 1


Personalising F1 Fan’s Visits

For the electrifying 23/24 F1 season, Solarflare and Wasserman teamed up to redefine the global F1 Fan Zones with an array of unique physical and digital activations. From immersive augmented reality experiences to an engaging online quiz, our personalised activations put fans in the driver’s seat, offering immersive access into the world of Formula 1.

“Bringing the thrill of the F1 action closer to fans worldwide has been an epic journey. Through our collaboration with Wasserman, we’ve crafted experiences that truly resonate and push the boundaries of innovation for event-based fan engagement.”

– John Martinelli

Head of Production, Solarflare Studio


Fan-Focused Sustainable Experiences

These activations, spanning the entire F1 season, mark the strategic partnership between Wasserman and F1. Our challenge was to pioneer ‘mobile-first’ experiences that are not only transportable but also sustainable, setting a new standard for fan engagement in the motorsport industry.


Paint Shop

Celebrating the beauty of F1 cars, Paint Shop allows fans to customise and admire their dream F1 car or helmet with a simple tap. After they’ve personalised their livery’s design with unique tags and sponsorship, the experience leverages WebAR technology to map, augment and spray their creation onto a 1:1 scale F1 car or mounted helmet at the races. After the big reveal, from any angle, fans can capture their creations to save and share.

By using 8th Wall’s web-based technology, we lowered the barrier to entry, meaning the experience can launch through the F1 Fan Portal or a scanned QR code.

Pit Portal

Offering an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes, Pit Portal invites fans to explore the pit garage of the world champion Red Bull team. Centred around a physical F1 door frame, our WebAR experience comes to life as visitors hold up their phones and scan a QR code. Animated F1 visuals invite fans to step inside a digital replica of the pit garage. 

Using advanced depth-sensor cameras, we created a volumetric point cloud of the environment, allowing guests to physically walk through the garage, naturally explore the space and interact with factual hotspots. Immersed in the excitement of the race day atmosphere, fans can take pictures within the experience, surrounded by the visuals.

Meet The Drivers

Through a thrilling online quiz, Meet the Drivers maps out the F1 careers of all 20 drivers, allowing fans to dive into the highs and lows, the twists and turns of their favourite racers’ journeys. As they walk through a tunnel full of screens, each driver’s highlights appear on screens in the same amount of time it takes to complete a single lap. With interactive elements and captivating storytelling, the quiz caters to both seasoned fans and newcomers alike.


Putting Global Audiences in the Driver's Seat

From the sun-kissed tracks of Australia to the vibrant streets of Miami, our event-based experiences authentically reached new and highly engaged audiences. Using innovation, we’ve created unforgettable moments that resonate with Formula 1 enthusiasts across the globe, showcasing a new benchmark for fan engagement in the industry.