With a bold new brand direction, Ford’s ‘Bring on Tomorrow’ European roadshow put their European passenger vehicle business and the future of mobility in full focus.

Centred around the smartest car Ford has ever built, we collaborated with creative agency Imagination to develop a tailored Augmented Reality (AR) experience introducing the new 2021 all-electric Mustang Mach-E.


For experiences to feel more true to real-world scenarios, occlusion within AR is essential. Able to place content in the foreground, background, and on top of the vehicle led to an advanced level of creativity and VFX, resulting in one of the most highly detailed and fully immersive augmented experiences to date.


The Mach-E is a car that learns your lifestyle.

Creating an event to match, the experience was designed to emulate that of a life with a Ford Mach-E.

With each of the participants defining their preferences through a series of 12 quick onboarding questions.


Visualised in an orbiting carousel, the participants’ answers would be absorbed into the Mach-E, activating the personalised experience.

From sushi bars and yoga retreats to extreme sports, the unique tailor-made journey consisted of 9 adventurous, active, and cultured pursuits.

Set to take them on their ultimate adventure.

“As the technology partner in this experience, we created a robust object tracking solution, keeping the car at the centre of 9 stunning VFX environments. Using a combination of VisionLib, Lidar and ARKit Foundation, we were able to provide an advanced tracking solution to the Mustang Mach-E. No markers were used, therefore we relied on registering and tracking the exact 3D car object in real-time.”

John Martinelli,
Head of Production, SOLARFLARE STUDIO

Launched across Europe, with installations across high-profile venues in capital cities, up to 6 visitors were able to partake in the experience using iPad Pro devices at one given time. Although synchronised, each had personal journeys generated from a round of quick-fire lifestyle questions. Acting as a springboard to further conversation with a sales representative – guests followed a path that was either Active, Adventurous, or Cultural, where their AR pursuits were completely unique.


The experience ends with users taken on the Ultimate Drive through 1 of 3 key environments, Coastal, Autobahn or Mountains. 

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