TYPE & TECH A Mixed Reality Educational Tool, Augmented Reality

CLIENT Cardiff University


An Innovative Educational Experience

Cardiff University commissioned Solarflare Studio to find an innovative and engaging means to both explain the Universities Cyber Security department capabilities and attract potential corporate partners.

Intending to develop the users’ understanding of the spread of cyber attacks, as well as the precautionary countermeasures, our solution was to implement an immersive educational experience.


A Mixed Reality Educational Tool

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 to bring AR holograms to life, participants are able to collectively make decisions that would impact the severity of a cyber incident whilst also explaining the Cardiff University team’s potential solutions. Through networking multiple devices together we provided a deeper level of collaboration.

“This innovative project drew on all the various skills and experience at Solarflare. The initial tender response and technical/creative concept of using AR smart glasses to allow students to fight cyber attacks using collaborative holograms. We worked closely with the team at Cardiff to fine-tune the solution to make sure it worked for their future teaching needs. Creating the visual look and user experience, developing both HoloLens and desktop versions in parallel, writing bespoke software for the networking and synching for multiple users, integrating with Cardiff’s existing AI and cyber security simulations, and finally deploying on-site.

This was a very technical project that had to both function as an educational resource and at the same time look visually stunning, using the latest AR tech. A real pleasure to be able to work on.”

– Stuart Cupit

Chief Technology Officer, Solarflare Studio



As a digital representation of the Security Operations Centre, this virtual tool is there to tackle cyber-crime, allowing the user to see buildings and their network systems from several different viewpoints.

Say Hi to CYMIAN​

A Virtual Assistant

Our pre-installed virtual assistant. CYMIAN is the AI that runs the CYB-AR system, detecting threats and displaying key information. From onboarding to narration and assistance, CYMIAN fulfils several important roles.