To celebrate the launch of ASICS latest METASPEED™ running shoes, we collaborated with Edelman to bring a unique consumer-facing Web GL experience to life. Bringing aspects of their Virtual Reality Innovation Summit to a global audience in a more accessible format. Users could learn about themselves, the incredible new innovations within the product range, and see the shoes in action.


The ASICS institute of sports science discovered that there are two distinct running styles, STRIDE or CADENCE. Taking part in this research developed questionnaire, users can find out their own personal running style and what shoe is suited to them.



In partnership with Edelman and ASICS, we developed an interactive scrollable Web GL experience.
The experience begins with users discovering their running style (cadence or stride) and learning more about the science behind the METASPEED™ shoe designed for each style.

Users would learn about their running style and then be transported to a personalised METASPEED™ sports arena, where they would be able to watch a motion-captured athlete on the track running and get tips to enhance their own performance.



Users were then able to get hands on with each of the shoe types to discover the key identifying features.

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