Reacting to the pandemic with tech.

As a reaction to the pandemic hitting the UK in March 2020, we developed a social distancing tool that could help the population stay safe, built to help people gauge what a 2-meter distance looks like. Our Stay Safe bubbles are created by using a camera and an AI people tracking algorithm, which would detect human shapes through the video image input. We then would calculate where they are standing in 3D and the distance between any two people, with the help of a velocity compensation algorithm to compensate for the lag between capture and display. This determines the colour of the area we project onto the floor around them in real-time using digital projectors mounted overhead. One colour if they are socially distanced from all their neighbours (blue/green) and another if they are too close (red).  All of this happens 60 times per second giving a fluid interactive feel to the experience. The distance, colour, and visual style can all be customised. This can be installed in any space where people have the potential to come into contact with others, as an interactive reminder of the importance of taking care to protect everyone during the pandemic.