Transforming Streets into Your AR Skatepark

Picture a scene where everyday streets morph into a thrilling augmented reality skatepark, seamlessly blending virtual and physical worlds. Powered by the fusion of cutting-edge AR technology, creative innovation, and engaging gameplay, our LAUNCH team has crafted SolarSK8. This gamified experience turns city streets into a personal playground.

Where Creativity Finds Its Ramps

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AR, the challenge was to conceptualise and launch an experience that not only harnesses the latest technology but also fosters creativity and innovation. Our LAUNCH team stepped up, crafting a concept that utilises the groundbreaking technology from Niantic, Inc. We transformed specific urban locations – streets, stairwells, pavements, and roads – into skateboarding hotspots, serving as a canvas for creative expression.

“In our internal LAUNCH tests, we blend imagination with the precision of technology. Delving into the capabilities of Niantic Lightship ARDK, we’re pushing both creative and tech boundaries, with a keen eye on the future significance of real-world tracking and spatial content.” 

– John Martinelli 

Head of Production, Solarflare Studio

Unleash your inner Skater with Real-World AR Gameplay

To lay the foundation for SolarSk8’s AR gameplay, we scanned designated locations, mapping their visual positioning to create detailed 3D representations, including various urban elements such as streets and stairwells. 

Leveraging Niantic’s Live Depth Mesh technology, we developed a system that constantly updates its understanding of the environment through the device’s camera. This lets the virtual skateboard interact smoothly with real-world surroundings, responding to surfaces and detecting any obstacles or barriers.

A skateboard can be placed anywhere in the environment, bumped downstairs, slid down slopes and jumped to land on tables. We also added virtual objects, like grindable rails and jumpable ramps.

Do You Have the Ultimate Ollie?

SolarSk8 brings a competitive edge to the table with our multiplayer mode, allowing users to interact and compete with others in the same augmented reality environment. And for those chasing glory, we’ve integrated a leaderboard system so users can track their points and ranking. These enhancements are a great way to fuel competitiveness, incentivise gameplay and promote a sense of achievement.

Endless Possibilities…

SolarSk8 emerged as a pioneering research and development venture that embraces innovation and pushes the boundaries of AR and 3D mapping through a practical AR application centred on immersive gameplay.

While the initial designs for SolarSk8 are tailored to skateboarding, this cutting-edge tech holds the potential for versatile applications across other sports and activities.