Creating reusable tools for education

Inspired by Microsoft’s Paperclip office assistant, Cymian is a friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI), originally designed as a tool to support one of our virtual reality (VR) educational experiences. The intention was to have a chatbot that students could ask questions to whilst in a VR experience that would be able to offer friendly prompts, support general navigation, offer encouragement and create a feeling of support throughout. Here are a few ways virtual assistants can support experiences:

  • On-boarding: teaching the user how to navigate the experience
  • Notifications: CYMIAN alerts the user within the experience
  • Narration: Running through the scenario scripts to educate the user
  • Assistance: If the user needs help, CYMIAN can make appropriate suggestions
  • Creating Autonomy: Support users gain confidence and momentum within the virtual environment

Cymian can be pre-built with a brand’s tone of voice, with mapped responses and reactions to frequently asked questions. It can also become more, with clever coding it can learn more about the user’s behaviors and adapt to the environment.