Brand Ambassador


Very often when we share images or videos, we inadvertently include brands and logos in the frame. Now,  what if we were able to get a cut of the advertising revenue for helping each brand with their product placement? 

This was the premise of our LAUNCH project. With both the positive and negative societal impacts in mind, we developed a full concept using AI image recognition to illustrate how this would work, prompting us all to think about who benefits from what we share.

The clever hack

With Apple’s iOS 15 update in September 2021, a new computer vision function became available for iPhones to read the text in any photo saved on the device or seen through the camera viewfinder, ultimately turning any image of text into a searchable, clickable piece of content.

Running this image search technology through our bespoke algorithms, we are able to calculate how much money you could invoice the brand for based on influencer rates and the size of your following.

“This was a fun LAUNCH project to work on, re-imagining how our social posts could interact with brands given the latest AI image recognition. We were all shocked by the amount of brands that were inadvertently appearing in our posts. Given the brands are hugely benefiting, what if a little of that was shared.”

– STUART CUPIT, Chief Technology Officer

Solarflare studio