Going back to 7000 BC, masks were one of the first forms of human expression, touching most cultures’ history. With Masquerade ball-esque traditions starting from the 14th Century, the dress-up would welcome attendees to explore and celebrate the freedom of another existence.

With this in mind, our LAUNCH team set about taking a futuristic glimpse into wearable holographic fashion, merging tradition with Augmented Reality.

In collaboration with artist Charlotte Dillon from Head of House Designs, we created a custom built augmented reality application using the latest smart glasses. The multi-user experience allows guests to see each other’s bespoke masks and their own, tracked in real-time in the digital space.

“Using the latest technology, you can wear a pair of glasses and see essential holograms floating in front of you. The idea was to take these holograms and design virtual masks which people could then wear as they moved around in the shared space.”

–  Stuart Cupit

Chief Technology Officer, Solarflare Studio


Charlotte Dillon, the visionary behind HoH Designs, has a core focus on exploring identity and encouraging creativity and imagination around her. Taking inspiration from nature, Dillon’s unique style reflects her interest in the ancient art form of masks, rituals, and ceremonies, using a mixture of textures, patterns, and movement to adapt and distort characteristics and create show-stopping experiences. 

Combining her passion for art and technology, Dillon used Tilt Brush to create bespoke 3D-modelled organic animal masks


From the evolution of species, anatomy, and movement to the textures, patterns, and markings, Dillon is captivated by the animal kingdom. Now without the rules of physics, she could explore how this genre can evolve in the AR world, enhanced through special effects, colours and textures.

real-time wearable fashion

Developed on a custom-built application, the latest AR Smart Glasses technology would allow people to see the world around them overlaid with digital masks. Synchronising their location and shared movements with the other wearers in real-time, we were able to track each user as they walk around seamlessly, creating the sense they are being ‘worn’ within a twisted world.


With users free to explore the dazzling world and their own sense of identity, we also developed  a digital ‘mirror’ allowing them to see their own transformation. How? Through rending a version over their reflection, it provides a perfect opportunity for guests to capture videos and selfies and share across their socials.

“Seeing others in equally fantastical headpieces will transport the wearer into a playground, a bit like the classic masquerade – but the question is – how does it affect how you feel, move and interact with the world around you?

15+ years’ experience of masks has taught HoH that it doesn’t take long for the mask to take over. Wearers are often impacted by the stereotypical characteristics of a creature – naughty fox, show-off peacock. But by distorting these characters into a futuristic world, what effect does it have on the wearer?”

– Charlotte Dillon

Artist, HoH DesignS


This LAUNCH project is ready to roll out at events and corporate parties. If you want to push your traditional masked ball into the digital realm, get in touch!